Single-Use Fluorescence Flow Cell

Customers require a simpler way calibrate PX2/PX2+ units that are designed to measure fluorescence of low concentrations of sensitive proteins and chemicals.  It is typically the customer’s responsibility to create a concentration range of samples to calibrate the PX2/PX2+.  By use of a solid standard inserted into the single-use fluorescence flow cell, customers have a means of calibrating without introducing calibration samples into the flow cell.  The solid standard is correlated to a calibration curve which has been developed in advance.  This drastically improves the ease of validation and helps save time and money.  The PX2/PX2+ can store up to five calibrations in the included software package.  When switching to a new single-use flow cell, the user can easily calibrate by referencing the solid standard with a selected stored calibration.


    • Flow Cell Body Material: Polypropylene, 316SS, Hastelloy C-276, and more (others available upon request).
    • Window Material: Fused Silica