EZ-CAL Flow Cell

The 3/8″ EZ-CAL Flow Cell provides users with a means of calibrating without having to introduce sensitive, volatile calibration solutions and gases into their process stream.  The flow cell features a slot where users can place a NIST traceable standard into the cell to calibrate and validate their process.  The cell offers SMA-905 connections for fiber optic cables.  The Dual EZ-CAL Flow cell can also be configured with two independent path lengths.  Available with path lengths from 1 – 100 mm.  Global patents pending.


  • Extractive flow cell provided with integrated means of calibration.
  • Various reference/optical filters can be easily inserted into the optical path of the flow cell to add a fixed amount of absorbance to your instrument’s baseline.
  • Photometric/spectrophotometric validation/calibration without shutting down the process or introducing gases or liquids into the process stream.
  • Reference materials can be liquid or solid NIST traceable standards.
  • Standard Specifications

    3/8″ Cross Flow Cell – Part #:  7002-AB-CDE-FGH (standard specifications:  7002-00-000-FGH)

    • Path Length:  1 – 50 mm (factory set)
    • Body Material:  316SS, Titanium, Hastelloy C 276, Monel (others available upon request)
    • Pressure Rating:  2000 psi
    • Temperature Rating:  204°C (400°F)
    • SMA-905 Connections for fiber optic cables
    • Wavelength Range:  UV-NIR (220-2400 nm)
  • EZ-Cal Video