M87 Oxygen Transmitter is a versatile unit that detects oxygen concentration within a specified range. This transmitter includes a display screen and two alarms.The M87 offers four field settings: zero, span and two alarms. The alarms are easily adjusted and can be set to activate over or under the desired concentration. The M87 can be packaged for GP, C1D1, or C1D2 electrical area classifications.

  • Standard Specifications

    • Alarms: Dual
    • Analog Loop Resistance: 500 Ohms, nominally at 24VDC
    • Analog Output: 4-20 mA, loop powered
    • Display: 3-1/2 Digits
    • Oxygen Range:

    Low: 0-2000 ppm
    Standard: 0-25%
    High: 0-100%

    • Power Consumption: 0.48 Watts
    • Power Requirements: 24VDC (9-32VDC)