Process Flow Cell Holder

The Process Flow Cell Holder provides users with a simple means of integrating the Single-Use UV-Vis-NIR Process Flow Cell into their process.  It features a slot for easily inserting a cuvette or standard into the light path for validation/calibrations purposes.  The Process Flow Cell Holder offers SMA-905 connections for fiber optic cables.  The Single-Use UV-Vis-NIR Process Flow Cells feature either 1/2″ hose barb or sanitary connections with a 10 mm optical path length.


  • Provides users with a simple means of integrating disposable flow cells into their process.
  • Standards or cuvettes can be easily inserted into the optical path of the flow cell to add a fixed amount of absorbance to your instrument’s baseline.
  • Photometric/spectrophotometric validation/calibration without shutting down the process or introducing gases or liquids into the process stream.
  • Reference materials can be liquid or solid NIST traceable standards.